Trendy hairstyles for the New Year

Studio «NATALI GRAL» | Trendy hairstyles for the New Year

New Year's holidays are just around the corner, which means that it's time to think about the perfect fashionable image and a stunning hairstyle that will amaze people around you with its beauty and make men turn around after you. The Fire Monkey, which is the symbol of 2016, dictates its own conditions: hairstyles from long hair should be bright, elegant and memorable, but not pretentious or defiant.

Girls with long hair can afford a wide variety of experiments with their curls. But when choosing the right option, you should remember some important aspects. So, age, social status, chosen outfit, venue of the event, etc. are of great importance. Those hairstyles that are ideal for a young girl who has gathered to celebrate the New Year with friends may not suit a middle-aged lady who has been invited to a restaurant. Therefore, when choosing a hairstyle, you should definitely consult a specialist.

The main trend of 2016 is very large curls. With their help, you can create a truly perfect image for New Year's Eve. In addition, you can make a graceful and elegant braid or collect your hair in an original ponytail. The last option is far from being associated with holidays for all women, however, this hairstyle allows you to securely fix the curls and emphasize the shape of the face.

By the way, the beauty in the hair is emphasized not only by the hairstyle itself, but also by a variety of accessories. These can be hairpins inlaid with multi-colored stones and rhinestones, silk ribbons, hairpins, headbands, etc. You should not do hairstyles for long hair with combing, as well as decorate them with heavy and bulky accessories.

As for hair extensions, they can simply be dissolved, collected halfway or completely taken up. The thing is that the hair extensions themselves look very beautiful. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend your free time choosing a New Year’s hairstyle, you can contact the Nata-Li hair extension studio and become the owner of beautiful curls that simply cannot be distinguished from natural ones. In addition, you can choose alternative options, such as hair with clips or clips, hairpieces, decorative overlays and braids.

The choice of hairstyle depends, first of all, on the individual preferences of the fair sex and her wishes. The masters working in our studio will be happy to help you choose the right hairstyle for a girl with long hair and turn her into a real queen.