Hair extension training

Training in hair extensions is fast, affordable, mutually beneficial!

Are you a beginner and want to contribute to your professional future?

Or are you a hair stylist and want to improve your skills?

We invite you to our studio for training in hair extensions! For more than 10 years, I have been sharing valuable practical experience with students, talking about the pitfalls of the extension procedure and revealing life hacks.

The cost of 2 days of the course is 3000 UAH!

1st day:

-theory (I’ll tell you about all types of hair, I’ll teach you to understand their quality – this is the main source material on which the result depends. I’ll tell you about keratin, how to care for hair extensions, about the rules for communicating with clients)

-practice (by building hair on a blank, remove it, encapsulate and build it up again)

2nd day:

-practice (the student comes with a model, and under strict guidance builds strands already on the model).

Your benefits and our advantages:

1. individual training

2. the student can try to work on different machines and choose the one he likes already with a 10% discount

3. at the end of the course we issue a diploma

4. trained – 10% discount on all materials of our showroom

5. having learned to understand the materials, and seeing their assortment in our store, graduates come back to us for hair for their clients.

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Studio «NATALI GRAL» | Hair extension training
Course objective:
  • Get a basic understanding of hair extension styles
  • Get familiar with hair types
  • Master hair extensions
  • Use secondary donor hair
  • Learn how to care for hair extensions
We teach the following methods:
  • English hair extensions
  • Spanish hair extensions
  • tape hair extensions
  • ultrasonic hair extensions
  • sewing on braid

Theory is followed by the practical part of the lesson, where the acquired theoretical knowledge acquires the form of skills and abilities. The purpose of these classes is to master and consolidate the technical and practical aspects of the material covered as much as possible. The course program includes theoretical, practical classes, a fresh look at trends in modern fashion, an analysis of hair extension technologies on the market, practical advice on introducing new services in your salon, assistance in compiling a price list, possible conflicts with clients, psychology of communication, competent the use of various stylizations in modern fashion.

Discussion of practical work, contact with a technologist in the studio – all this is an invaluable experience that cannot be replaced by information on the Internet, reading magazines and other manuals. Thus, this course is aimed at acquiring knowledge, skills and abilities that will allow any interested person, an ordinary hairdresser, to touch the real art, improve their skills, and in the future, perhaps, become a professional hair extension master.