Do you need hair extensions, do you dream of having thick long hair? Beauty Studio "Natali Gral" will help you grow your hair, because we have been doing hair extensions for over 10 years.

Hair extensions have several methods, we offer our clients Italian hair extensions as the most suitable for our hair type.

We use only Slavic hair for extensions. It is easier to build Slavic hair than European hair, since in structure they are very close to our natural hair, and hair correction is minimal.

If you are not yet ready or afraid to do hair extensions, the Natali Gral studio is ready to offer you alternative options, such as:

  • hair on clips – fastened with special invisible hairpins
  • clip-on hair – easy to attach and remove without harming your natural hair

For lovers of ponytails, hair extensions, we offer hairpieces made of natural hair, false braids, decorative overlays. Come to our studio and we will really select for you the most convenient and beautiful option for hair extensions!