Preparing for the New Year: thoughtfully, spectacularly, stylishly!

Studio «NATALI GRAL» | Preparing for the New Year: thoughtfully, spectacularly, stylishly!

New Year for me - it's time for fireworks, sweets, surprises, travel, mulled wine, joyful meetings and gifts! It is also a time for feasts and gatherings: noisy friendly or quiet family, carefully thought out or suddenly organized.

Personally, I like meeting the holiday with my family- it is so touching to remember the pleasant moments of the outgoing year together with relatives, make secret wishes to the clink of glasses and enjoy the voices of loved ones and the tastes of dishes cooked with love!< /p>

Long before December 31st, interesting ideas for decorating the apartment and festive table setting appear in my head, and with joyful excitement I go to choose "new clothes" for the Christmas tree and accessories to create a festive atmosphere.p>

New Year's table: rules and highlights

New Year's table decoration I would compare it with a woman's evening make-up, hairstyle and dress: it requires an ideal sense of taste, is not done in haste, is thought out in detail in advance, perhaps even requires a preliminary "rehearsal". The decoration can make a splash among your friends, and they will be impressed for a long time!

If you do not believe in horoscopes and are skeptical about them, then the most important, in my opinion, principles in any idea for a feast will be:

  • remember the sense of proportion
  • choose dishes and accessories with taste
  • Use themed decor to create a festive atmosphere.

But if you want to comply with the rules associated with the eastern horoscope, then know that the hostess of the upcoming 2016 is the fiery red Monkey - and she dictates certain specifics for decorating the place of the festive feast. It should be: brilliant and sparkling, bright and expressive.

Colors preferred by the Fire Monkey: orange, crimson, yellow. The leader is red color - a symbol of love, holiday, warm relations. It pairs perfectly with white and gold, so try to play with contrasts in this or other trendy combinations, but do not use more than three colors in the design to avoid gaudiness. red plus rich green is considered a traditional Christmas combination - this color combination always looks very elegant and stylish!

Christmas paraphernalia in decor

I like it when there are festive attributes in the design(of course, not all at once, but those that suit the chosen style):

  • fire accessories - candles: in candlesticks, bowls, glasses, jars, vases (they can be replaced with safe reusable electric candles);
  • symbolic images of monkeys, palm trees, bananas in various interpretations (on napkins, candles, Christmas decorations, cutlery, figurines);
  • natural materials (choose linen tablecloths and napkins, boldly make natural accents: use compositions from spruce branches , pine, juniper, cones, nuts);
  • All kinds of fruits will look great (they can be distributed all over the table or beautifully laid on a large dish) - bright colors will surely cheer up guests;
  • ribbons, garlands and colored tinsel laid out and hung in the room will immediately create a New Year's atmosphere;
  • feel free to use seemingly non-standard options: beads and colorful brooches -they look smart and spectacular;
  • small presents for guests and cards with their names, waiting for everyone at the table, will complement the design;

We create a holiday and mood with our own hands

I enjoy the creative process and I love to create beauty with my own hands, so I recommend you to add a designer zest with hand made items. These can be individual cards with congratulations to loved ones, Christmas tree compositions , exclusive Christmas balls, napkins and glasses decorated by you, a collage with photos and wishes to relatives and much more.

Snacks decorated unusually, in a New Year's way, look advantageous. homemade baked goods, such as honey cakes or gingerbread cookies, decorated and laid out in accordance with the theme of the celebration, can take pride of place. And if you yourself decide to bake and decorate a cake with cream, it will rightfully be placed in the center of the desktop edible composition, surrounded by other dishes!

Important points:

  1. Try to stick to one chosen room style me;
  2. Decorate the table so that nothing interferes with the comfortable arrangement and communication of guests.

Don't forget, friends, that the main thing in New Year's Eve is not the cost of dishes and not the sophistication of decorations, but the warm atmosphere of comfort and sincere smiles of loved ones at the table.

Let the upcoming New Year 2016 become a time of positive change for all of us! I wish you the same as myself: health, happiness, peace, prosperity and prosperity!