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Every woman, regardless of age and social status, at least once in her life, but wanted to radically change her hairstyle and try on a completely different image. However, not every woman has the courage for such experiments.

Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice your hair to do this, as you can purchase a handmade wig. wigs Image change is one of the main, but far from the only reason to try on and buy a wig. So, sometimes women need this accessory for health reasons (after chemotherapy) to emphasize their individuality and stand out among the crowd, as well as to hide a bald head or gray hair.

Very often wigs are ordered by girls who work in show business. In addition, this accessory can be used as a fashionable decoration or instead of a warm hat.

The first wigs were made from whatever came to hand. So, it is known that the ancient tribes used resin to stick various feathers, leaves and even animal hair to their heads. People thought that in this way they could scare the enemy and drive away evil spirits from their settlement. wigs In ancient Egypt, all government officials were required to wear wigs, which were considered a wonderful protection from the sun's rays and a sign that a person belongs to an aristocratic family. And in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the production of wigs reached the heights of real art.

During these years in Europe, the social status of a person was judged by the shape of a wig and the luxury of its decoration. wigsYou can try on and choose a suitable wig in our Nata-Li hair extension studio. We have a wide variety of handmade wigs made of natural hair with imitation of the scalp, which will satisfy even the most demanding and sophisticated woman. Thanks to the high-quality materials from which the accessory is made, the scalp breathes freely and is not irritated, and the hair follicle does not die.

That's why natural wigs are suitable even for those women who have lost their hair during chemotherapy. wigsScalp imitation wigs meet all quality standards (both international and domestic). For the production of wigs, only healthy and high-quality hair is used, which is pre-treated, disinfected with perhydrol and dried in a special dryer. It is worth noting that it takes, on average, forty days to make one copy.

A woman who has become the owner of a wig can do a variety of styling and comb her hair in any parting. The rules for caring for an accessory are the same as for a regular hairstyle. By the way, the masters of the Nata-Li hair extension studio cut the wig directly on the client, so it fits perfectly in all respects and gives completeness and harmony to the created fashionable image.