Olaplex hair treatment

The Olapelx brand is known for its products for coloring and hair care. All funds undergo rigorous testing before reaching consumers.

Olaplex Bond Miltiplier No. 1 Hair Protection Concentrate is a product that reduces hair damage during dyeing and protects after it and restores damaged areas of the strands. The tool works at a deep molecular level, restoring broken bonds between cells. Olaplex Bond Multiplir No. 1 gives elasticity to hair, makes it strong and elastic.

Olaplex is a reliable protection against external aggressive factors. In our studio, there is always only a careful approach to customers!

Olaplex Bond Perfector #2. This cocktail is a fixer, it is not a mask or conditioner.

The product has a creamy texture, its ingredients are carefully selected and complement the action of the main active ingredient.

Easy and quick to apply. It is the second stage of the Olaplex system.

The master applies it right in the sink, immediately after the last stage of staining. It enhances and completes the action of Olaplex No. 1 Bond Multipliet, smoothing the hair structure. You can use Olaplex No. 2 as a haircut lotion.

Olaplex products will be a complete reset for your hair, even if it is extremely damaged.

It will help maintain color saturation, give elasticity, glossy shine to both natural and dyed hair.

A competent specialist "squeezes out" all the benefits for your curls from these American drugs!

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