Hair Extension Training at Nata-Li Studio

Studio «NATALI GRAL» | Hair Extension Training at Nata-Li Studio

Dear colleagues! Future and real masters of their craft, workers of the beauty industry!

Our world is rapidly changing, technology is improving, competition is steadily increasing. Therefore, in order not to stand still, to grow as a professional, to receive a decent financial return from work, as well as to win and maintain your impeccable reputation, it is worth getting trained in hair extensions.

Venue: hospitable space of Studio NataLi.

Pre-registration:required (by calling the studio).

Duration of training: 1 day (8 academic hours).

Teacher: a certified master technologist with extensive experience of successful work in the field of building.

The main objectives of the course "Training in hair extensions":

  • Get a basic knowledge of hair extension methods and techniques
  • Get knowledge about hair types and quality criteria
  • Learn how to build extensions
  • Learn how to care for hair extensions and hair products.

At the end of the course given:

  • certificate (as confirmation of the knowledge and skills you have acquired)
  • discount card

The training program consistsof two important, closely intertwined blocks: theoretical and practical.

You know that information is more effectively perceived and easier to remember if it is reinforced visually. Therefore, all the proposed theoretical material is well-structured and is supported by appropriate diagrams, photographs, illustrations and real visual objects: samples, tools, materials for the work of a specialist.

The program includes:


Acquaintance with the trends of modern hairdressing fashion.

Overview of popular extension technologies.

Contraindications and restrictions for this procedure.

Advantages and disadvantages of each technique: comparative characteristics.

Basic extension methods.

Hair types, definition of their quality.

Preparing the head for work and highlighting areas for work.

Methods for correcting and removing material.

Practical recommendations for the introduction of new services in your salon.

Help in the development of the price list.

Psychological aspects: rules for communicating with clients, rules for resolving possible conflicts.

We teach the following extension methods:

  • English (hot) - forming capsules with a thermal gun with a special resin
  • Spanish (cold) - forming capsules with glue and hardener
  • tape (cold) - fastening polymer-based tapes
  • ultrasonic - exposure to ultrasonic pulses from forceps-applicators
  • French (cold) - sewing tress on a pigtail.

Hair extension training at Nata-Li studio - our advantages and your benefits

  • personal schedule of classes (any day convenient for you as agreed)
  • individual training program and your own approach to each student (depending on your level of preliminary preparation, features perception of the material)
  • Your personal teacher-consultant
  • technologist will explain in detail to you the requirements and technology of the procedure, answer all questions , will clarify points that cause difficulties, and share the intricacies of the work
  • the theoretical part is reinforced by the student's practical work
  • practiceon a training blank(You don't have to look for a model to practice your skills)
  • large assortmentnatural hair for work
  • we you can buyall the necessary materials
  • our former students are now leading successful technologists
  • gaining unique practical experience in a promising creative specialty in order to provide quality services to future clients
  • training for current hairdressers and stylists.

The ability to correctly determine the quality of hair is one of the key for a specialist and one of our main tasks in the learning process. You must master the skill of increasing the length and volume of strands of any structure, depending on the type of curls of the customer. Hair treatment is extremely important. Even if at first glance they have a beautiful, marketable appearance, in the process All use by the client may show various disadvantages. Therefore, during the training the technologist will teach you to distinguish by quality the main source material for work, tell you about the features of each type: Slavic (the most expensive), South Russian, Indian, Asian.

Get invaluable practical experience - come to study in our studio!