Hair extensions – your little secret to success

Studio «NATALI GRAL» | Hair extensions - your little secret to success

As soon as I realized my girlish nature, I realized that girls dream of long hair! As a child, and I grew curls, cut my bangs secretly from my mother, hoping that she would not notice. But she noticed.

Now, having owned a hair extension studio for many years, I am discovering for myself and my clients the secrets of this amazing procedure that turns an inconspicuous girl into a spectacular lady.

My male acquaintances (our main critics and inspirers) say that long well-groomed hair is an attribute of female attractiveness, a reflection of her energy, an indicator of health. On a subconscious level, men are attracted to long-haired women - they seem more sexy and seductive.

Not every representative of the beautiful half of humanity has luxurious hair. But longing to have it and knowing about the existence of hair extensions, many do not dare to resort to it. Some are frightened by the process itself and its consequences for “native” hair, others are concerned about the difficulties of caring for a new hairstyle.

Having gained experience in this field, I assure you, dear women, that modern technologies guarantee the safety of hair extensions. You can even freely swim in the sea and pool, go to the sauna and solarium.

I would like to note that the Italian capsular extension (made with professional forceps using heat-resistant Italian keratin), which we successfully practice, is considered the most gentle and harmless. It allows you to use capsules of different sizes, as well as flat ones, invisible on problem areas of the head.

Natural Slavic hair collected in the vastness of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia is considered the best. They are the most expensive because they are the rarest. Soft, light, lend themselves well to styling, coloring, and most importantly - they are ideal for ladies with weakened roots and those who, in principle, do not want to grow curls, but want to.

I am sure that by following the simple advice of hair extension care experts, you will fully enjoy your new look. Enjoy the hairstyle, and the feeling of confidence in the female attractiveness, and admiring male looks!

As in any business, it is important to find "your" master, whom you trust, whose vocation, like mine, will be: to make people more beautiful and happier.