Hair extensions – for your beauty and confidence!

Studio «NATALI GRAL» | Hair extensions - for your beauty and confidence!

Hair extensions are not just words or a tribute to fashion for us. This is our profession and creativity, this is more than 10 years of successful work in this area.

The Nata-Li studio team consists of high-class professionals - stylists, hair technologists, hair extension masters, hairdressers-colorists, trichologist. These are not only experienced experts in their field - this is a union of like-minded people who keep up with the times and challenge the gray routine.

All you need to fulfill your dream of long thick curls is to step over the threshold of our studio. And then you will fall into the hands of specialists. An expert will help you to facilitate the selection of hair and tell you in detail about the possible ways of extension - this will dispel your doubts before the procedure. Professional colorists, who are fluent in the technology of dyeing hair extensions, if necessary, will also color the curls chosen by the client before building and work with the customer's "native" hair.

You can buy hair extensions directly at the studio. A sufficiently large assortment will allow each client to make a choice based on their request, aesthetic taste and available budget. Presented perfectly processed natural Slavic hair is of the highest quality.

Italian capsule extension is considered the most reliable technology - this is what we offer to our clients. There are capsules of various shapes and qualities. Flat Italian keratin capsules are the most durable. The material is of natural origin, therefore it is absolutely harmless to humans.

In order to get an effective result and positive emotions, building on capsules should be done in a salon with a certified specialist.

Let's highlight some of the benefits for our customers:

  • extensive experience in hair extensions is the key to quality services
  • At least four masters are working on the hairstyle - you are literally surrounded by care and attention
  • an integrated approach to working on a client's request is a significant saving of his time
  • adding colored strands without coloring your hair
  • there is no fixed cost of the service - a large selection of goods allows you to adapt to any budget without loss of quality
  • just a few hours of work - and your image changes dramatically - you will 100% experience a feeling of delight and satisfaction from your appearance
  • discounts, promotions - a profitable bonus of interaction with us.

In the Nata-Li studio, not only Ukrainian women, but also clients from abroad find their new beauty. And this speaks of the impeccable reputation of our company and favorable pricing policy.

Our principles:

  • We do not work "on a stream" - an individual approach to each client
  • we are open for communication 24 hours a day - communication by phone, through the website, in social networks
  • We never rest on our laurels and improve our skills.

Growing hair in the studio means making a choice in favor of your beauty and safety!