False hair is beautiful and easy!

Studio «NATALI GRAL» | False hair is beautiful and easy!

Styling (French for “delivery, plug-in”) products in hairdressing are called false wigs, hairpieces, curls, strands, braids, removable bangs made from natural or artificial hair by hand or using special equipment , decorations.

Who makes the choice in favor of false hair?

She can be a whim of a young fashionista who wants to surprise her friends, a conscious choice of an older woman who decides to change her image, part of the props for the work of professional photographers and stylists. They are also a simple and quick way to solve aesthetic problems associated with hair loss, brittleness and thinning of hair, if frequent stress, vitamin deficiency or malnutrition have led to them. In this case, you need to contact a trichologist, and for the duration of treatment choose suitable posture products.

Fixed hair can be used by women of any age in casual and festive hairstyles, in a business or romantic style.

Why should you opt for natural hair extensions? There are quite a few benefits their uses:

  • Attractive price
  • Indistinguishable from your own hair
  • Easy care (easy to wash and comb)
  • Do not weigh down "their" hair
  • Virtually not felt on the head
  • Absolutely harmless to "native" hair
  • The ability to style, curl, straighten and even dye
  • You don't have to wear them all the time
  • Only use when necessary
  • Do not need correction
  • Stay secure
  • Long service life
  • Do not tangle, do not split, do not "climb"
  • The ability to wear them yourself, without visiting the salon
  • You can choose the desired length and thickness of overhead strands

But the main plus of false hair is that in just a couple of minutes, without leaving your home, you can change dramatically and, no doubt, for the better! After all, a hairstyle is a part of the image that attracts the attention of others in the first place, so by changing your appearance, you will strike your friends immediately and on the spot.

You can see this by watching our video.

In the studio "NataLi" you can buy a ready-made set of false hair or make it for a specific client. The specialist will measure the size of the head, analyze the tone and structure of the customer's hair, and in a few days you will receive a high-quality product, made taking into account individual characteristics and wishes.

For the manufacture of styling products, our studio uses hair of different types, but exclusively natural: South Russian, Asian, European. And, of course, Slavic - recognized as the best. All of them look natural, retain elasticity and shine.

Types of fixation of false curls: with the help of tresses, ribbons, special hairpins, clips with a silicone layer, thanks to which they hold very tightly on the head.

Our studio offers a "dry-cleaning" service for false curls - the client brings purchased hair that has already been used for some time, and we clean it, bring it to its original perfect look.

Even if you're not a fan of wearing lingerie regularly, there are times when you need them. It can be a wedding, party, photo session, formal event that requires a flawless hairstyle in a short time. For such moments false hair rental is a profitable solution. A fashionable short haircut will easily turn into an elegant evening hairstyle.

Studio "NataLi"successfully cooperates with stylists - they have the opportunity to choose from us products for rent for their demanding customers, who are always satisfied with the high quality.

A huge assortment of false hair, that we offer, will allow women with thin short hair to fulfill the dream of a long lush mane, try an image with bangs for ladies who do not want to cut their curls, surprise in an unusual way at a celebration. The choice is yours!