Leather bracelets by Natali Gral

Studio «NATALI GRAL» | Leather bracelets by Natali Gral

Every girl is beautiful in her own way. But in order to demonstrate your beauty to the whole world, you need to make the right accents and correctly emphasize your features. I thought a lot about this, and came to the conclusion that all the fair sex deserve only the best. That is why I once decided to open a Nata-Li hair extension studio. However, it is difficult for my creative nature to stop at what has already been achieved. When every day your head is visited by a variety of creative ideas, all the STOP signs that our imagination draws simply disappear.

I love to create beautiful things that will not only please women, but also bring certain benefits. From a very early age, I realized that beautiful and well-groomed long hair is really the best decoration for a girl, capable of turning a modest and inconspicuous young lady into an elegant and stylish queen. Both I and other masters who work in my studio believe that the natural right of every woman is to be attractive and sexy, and our duty is to bring this right to life and make the girl the owner of luxurious and delightful curls.< /p>

I love high-quality and really original products, therefore, when creating such things, I use the best materials. So, handmade wigs made of natural hair with imitation of the scalp are made in my workshop and meet all quality standards. In addition, I create not only wigs, but also flower headbands, as well as original and elegant handmade hats.

However, hair and everything connected with it is not my only hobby. I love leather bracelets. They not only perfectly emphasize individuality, but also allow you to demonstrate excellent taste to others. All my bracelets are made of high quality natural leather and accessories, which I order in Italy. I carefully consider the design of each bracelet. All items made in my workshop are engraved with my name. If the bracelet has the inscription "Natali Gral", then there is no doubt that this is a high-quality and original accessory.

I create both women's and men's leather bracelets. The representatives of the stronger sex love leather accessories, so you can safely give them to your beloved man, father, relative or boss. Both women's and men's leather bracelets are harmoniously combined with casual wear, as well as with a business suit or formal dress. Such an accessory will really distinguish its owner among the gray crowd and will give a harmonious completeness to the created fashionable image.

To prove it, I took part in a professional photo shoot. Photographers Natalya Makhnovskaya and Viktor Oksyuta, real masters of their craft, managed to create the perfect atmosphere and make truly unique and inimitable pictures. Another professional, Vitaly Pushkarev, was actively engaged in promotion on the Internet. Properly placed accents and a well-chosen entourage helped me feel like a real fashion model. Leather outfits, metal jewelry and original bracelets - these details really create a complete image of a sexy and attractive woman who can conquer any man and achieve her goals.

I want my accessories to please their owners and bring them only positive emotions. Seeing the sincere smiles of my clients and knowing that they are satisfied with my work is the best reward for me.