Hair extension

Hair extensions are one of the ways to radically change your image. This procedure allows you to turn short and sparse hair into long and thick, create bright shades in strands for extensions of different colors, without exposing your hair to coloring.

The quality of materials is currently being improved every day, and the variety of types of extensions allows you to satisfy the most extravagant requests.

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How do we do hair extensions

We will prepare your hair before extensions, wash it, remove split ends and overdried ends of the hair as desired

We will select options suitable for your budget

We will determine the volume, color, texture and length of donor hair that is most suitable for you

Let’s carry out the extension procedure itself

We will advise you in detail on the care of extension hair

If you need to do the painting, our colorists will be happy to work with you

Today, Italian hair extensions are the most modern and safe among other existing methods of hair extensions.

Hot Method Benefits:

  • Capsules of various shapes, both voluminous and flat, can be used.
  • You can go to the sauna and solarium.
  • Capsules can be made very small and invisible.

This unique technology enables hairdressers to create real miracles with their clients’ hair. If you wish, you can increase the length of your hair up to 70 cm, make your hair three times more voluminous, carry out coloring and highlighting, avoiding dyeing and lightening.

Microcapsular hair extensions allow you to significantly lengthen your hair in just 1-2 hours, while making it very thick. In addition, your hairstyle will look so natural that no one will suspect that you are wearing hair extensions.

At the same time, hair extensions do not require complicated special care. Capsular hair extensions can be made not only in the temporal and occipital parts, but also almost to the parting, if you have thick hair. And do not forget that under the extended strands, your own hair continues to grow. Thus, you can fix a bad haircut.

Grow from 75 to 200 strands, it depends on the volume / thickness of your hair. You can build up several shades at the same time, which results in a highlighting effect! With the help of Italian hair extensions, you can simply add bright strands to your hair.

Correction should be done every 3 months. Correction is completely harmless to living hair. Your hair will look healthy and well-groomed, attracting the admiring glances of others.