Win-win make up: trust the professionals

Studio «NATALI GRAL» | Win-win make up: trust the professionals

To understand fashionable words, let's turn to the translation of popular concepts often used by women in relation to beauty care. So, the word "cosmet" among the ancient Greeks meant "the art of decorating", make up - from English. language "fiction, cosmetics, make-up", is used mainly when it comes to professional make-up, which is applied before an important event. And the French word "visage" translates as "face", but is a broader concept, meaning not just applied cosmetics on the face, but the harmony of the combination of a beautifully made face with clothes, accessories, hair - that is, the image of a person as a whole.

In the studio "NataLi"You can not only make a new hairstyle (select and grow hair in accordance with the individual characteristics of their tone and structure), but also make a professional make-up and photo session.

Of course, you can surf the Internet in search of make-up rules, watch dozens of video tutorials with different hair styling methods, consult with all your friends about creating your new look. But the effect is unlikely to be impressive, and the mood after all the procedures at home will no longer remain upbeat ...

Without a doubt, you have your own "combat arsenal" of cosmetic devices, perhaps even very expensive ones, but we advise you to turn to professionals in their field. This will avoid:

  • allergic reactions caused by improperly selected products
  • negative changes in the skin condition (premature aging, irritation, peeling)
  • disharmonious combinations of make-up and hair styling that can lead to failure at an important interview or ruin a long-awaited event
  • common women's mistake when applying cosmetics: "the more the better"
  • wasting time and money on ineffective methods of creating the desired image

We work with a professional make-up artist, a talented make-up artist Yakimova Alla. She graduated from the school-studio of make-up artists for film and television Alla Churi, having received a well-deserved red diploma. Alla knows that the make-up artist is an integral and one of the most important components of the team. And she works with equal dedication in a huge team of creators of a major television project, and in a close-knit team of our salon.

Today, A. Yakimova is the senior make-up artist of the week on channel 112 Ukraine and part-time our colleague. She performed visual work in television projects: "Intuition", the super final of "Star Factory", the show "I am a legend" with the participation of L. Gurchenko and many others. Her hands conjured images of everyone's favorite stars. These are Jamala and Yulia Tymoshenko, Alexander Ponomarev and Vasily Bondarchuk, Potap and Nastya Kamensky, Alexei Mochanov, Zlata Ognevich and Olya Polyakova. This is not a complete list of popular personalities, whose appearance always arouses our admiration and desire to admire: for women - bright, but not flashy beauty, for men - restrained naturalness.

Alla does not just work - she creates, she impresses with the results and in the process of work she lives by each of her clients, which for her is always a new unique work of make-up art. You have a unique opportunity to try the hands of a master - a make-up artist for television and popular projects. A. Yakimova works with our clients, participates in photo shoots when we do hair. She has her own "highlights" and she perfectly knows the laws of composition and color balance and owns current techniques of all types of makeup, the specifics of performing age-related and makeup for make-up artists of salons, as well as for photo and video shooting.

Why should you trust us? Studio "NataLi" offers:

  • using only expensive high-quality hypoallergenic cosmetics
  • Using the right perfumes and cosmetics for the perfect hairstyle
  • correction of facial features, symmetry, imperfections, shape (wrinkles, acne, irritation, pimples, bruises, freckles)
  • make-up tailored to your face type, fashion trends and features of the event you are preparing for

With our experts, you can easily make the right "make up":

  • give a healthy tone to the skin
  • make the face more attractive
  • muffle the swelling of the eyelids, hide the bags under the eyes
  • reduce nasolabial folds
  • hide visible flaws
  • put the right accents on the virtues

In "NataLi" know how to achieve the results you want:

  • to reveal your inner potential - we take into account the peculiarities of the client's psychology, his aesthetic needs and desires
  • to feel at your best - a competent approach will significantly increase not only your attractiveness, but also your self-confidence
  • to be unsurpassed and unique -each client is special and unique for us, and therefore the transformation of his appearance is not a template step, but a creative, difficult, but interesting way .

Come! We will be glad to help you go along the path of your transformation!