ABC of my work

Studio «NATALI GRAL» | ABC of my work

They say it's a great happiness when work brings you not only prosperity, but also pleasure. So, I am a happy person in this regard!

What is work for me? My studio, creative team of colleagues, relationships with clients of different ages and statuses, the process of creation, the delight of the reincarnation of women, painstaking work ... I I thought about it and realized that it is impossible to capture the whole essence, all the features of my activity and my attitude towards it in a few sentences. Gradually, one idea was born and formed in my head, which reveals at least a little my personal and professional "I".

What qualities does my job require of me? What develops and shapes? What am I in the process? What is my work associated with? I tried to sort out simple and capacious answers to these questions in alphabetical order. I share with you, friends!

ABC of my work from A to Z

- activity, accuracy and angelic patience

- a divine spark is necessary for an effective result, a rich imagination

- attention to detail, endurance, inspiration and a whirlwind of relevant ideas

- pride, depth of character

- democratic views, business approach, sincerity

- one of a kind, natural images

- femininity, cheerfulness

-is an entertaining and exciting business

- keeping up with the times, sophistication and intuition

- creativity without limits, quality of work and materials for work

- people are different - an individual approach to each, love for one's profession

- fashion, softness in communication, dreams - in life, not in a desktop drawer

- irresistible, cheerful, laid-back, necessary

- illuminates my life, charm, insight, no falsehood

- I am constantly in good shape and creative search

- bring joy, luxuriously and decisively

- create beauty, boldly and stylishly

- touching, demanding of oneself and others

- satisfaction, success, refinement

- make a splash, show imagination

- chaos of ideas - a harbinger of the birth of something new

- know your goals clearly and achieve them by all means

- sensuality, philanthropy, honesty, sensitivity

- chic, playful, pleasant to shock

- generosity of the soul

- spectacular and effective, sometimes extreme

- youth in the heart forever, humor - subtle and harmless

-Iis bright, with a clear view of the world.

This format of the story seemed to me the most suitable, because you can clearly see what you are at the moment, what is your strength and where do you draw resourcesfor further fruitful activity in the chosen field.

The ABC of my work is not static - which is great: I can always add new words that personify and inspire me, and remove those that are no longer relevant. I am growing as a professional, developing as a person, improving as a woman, and I firmly believe that my work is the most important and interesting part of my life, which, fortunately, brings both money and pleasure!